Tattoos and piercings during pregnancy: which dangers to be aware of?
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Tattoos and piercings during pregnancy: which dangers to be aware of?

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In the United States of America, around 13% of women have a tattoo. During pregnancy, some questions arise in the minds of expectant mothers. Can I get a piercing or a tattoo during pregnancy? Can I have an epidural if I have a tattoo on my back? Will the tattoo on my belly be deformed during pregnancy? These are some questions we are going answer.

Tattoos and pregnancy

Can I get a tattoo during pregnancy?

The answer to this question is clear: tattoos during pregnancy are not recommended.

The first danger remains the infection. Although it is uncommon, it would be perilous to be infected by a virus such as HIV or hepatitis. This is especially true if the tattoo is done abroad, in a center that does not have strict aseptic conditions. There is also an immediate risk of infection. Tattoos can infect the expectant mother with tiny bacteria. In addition, the pregnant woman’s immune system is weakened, so it is not a good time to expose herself to infection.

The second risk of getting tattooed during pregnancy is that the shape of the tattoo may change after delivery. Pregnant women’s skin no longer has the same surface area due to weight gain from accumulated fat or swelling. For this reason, the tattoo may change after delivery.

Then, it should not be forgotten that pregnant women are more sensitive to fatigue and pain. The fetus feels discomfort and stress too. Contractions can be induced, which affects the baby’s heart rate.

As you should not rush into getting a tattoo, it is worth taking the time to find out about the unique designs, parlors, prices…

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Will my tattoo look different after pregnancy?

If you already have a tattoo, especially in an area like the belly, it may change. Even if you remain at the same weight, the morphology of women who have had a child may change. For example, you may have a larger pelvis, more fat on your thighs, or lose breasts size after breastfeeding.

Therefore, be sure to moisturize the tattooed areas well to improve skin elasticity.

If you are looking for areas where you are not exposed to weight fluctuations, choose the upper back, wrists, and legs, but below the knees (ankles, feet…).

I have a tattoo on my back: can I have an epidural?

If you have a tattoo on your back, you can have an epidural. Anesthesiologists try not to prick the area where the ink is located, to preserve the design. If this is not possible, a small incision can be made so that the pigment does not introduce into the skin.

Therefore, if you want to get a lower back tattoo before the baby is born, choose a design that is not completely “filled” with ink.

Can I still breastfeed if I have a breast tattoo?

Don’t worry, there is no problem. The only effect may be aesthetic, as breastfeeding causes a big change in the breast’s volume.

Piercing and pregnancy

Can I get a piercing during pregnancy?

As for tattoos, it is advisable to be very careful and not to get pierced during pregnancy.

If the instruments are dirty or poorly sterilized, there is a risk of infection, and in the worst case, the transmission of viruses such as HIV or hepatitis. The piercing site can also become infected, which is even more common than with tattoos, as the healing time is usually longer. In addition, the pregnant woman’s immune system is weakened. Treatment of infections in pregnant women can be complicated.

Like tattoos, piercings can cause stress and pain that the fetus may feel. In addition, anesthetic cream should not be used in pregnant women.

Therefore, it is recommended to postpone the piercing until the end of pregnancy.

Is it better to remove the navel or nipple piercing during pregnancy and then breastfeed?

During pregnancy, it is probably wiser to remove the navel piercing.

As for nipple piercings during breastfeeding, it is also advisable to be careful in this case. The baby’s mouth is very sensitive. Contact with nickel jewelry can be irritating.

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