Making love while pregnant: the best positions to choose
During the pregnancy Pregnancy and sex

Making love while pregnant: the best positions to choose

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Apart from a few health contraindications, especially the risk of premature birth, nothing prevents you from having sex during pregnancy. But you need to accept that your desire may change over the months. And adapt your pleasures to your growing belly.

The benefits of sex during pregnancy

Also if sex doesn’t always end in orgasm, it stimulates the production of endorphins in the hypothalamus and limbic system. Known for their euphoriant and calming effect, these hormones flood the bodies of both partners and give them a sense of well-being that often helps them fall asleep.

Anxiety and insomnia can take over during pregnancy. Therefore, resisting the urge to have sex for fear of hurting the baby would be unfortunate. It is important to remember that the baby is fully protected in the amniotic sac and that the cervix is hermetically sealed with a thick mucous plug.

But what are the most appropriate positions during pregnancy?

Positions for making love in the first trimester of pregnancy

During the first three months, the belly grows very little or not at all. From a physiological point of view, there is no need to change your sexual habits.

However, your breasts may be more sensitive or even painful than normal. Keep this in mind, for example, by wearing a comfortable bra during sex.

Hormonal changes can also cause vaginal dryness, which may persist during pregnancy but can be easily compensated for by the use of lubricant.

Often, however, fatigue and possibly nausea affect libido in the first trimester.

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Positions for making love in the second trimester of pregnancy

While the influx of progesterone in the prior weeks suppresses libido, estrogen produced by the placenta in the second trimester usually has the opposite effect.

The tissues of the vagina are in a state of constant sexual arousal and are moister. Similarly, the clitoris and breasts are more sensitive during intercourse.

Sometimes, the desire to cuddle becomes more intense, and the pleasure is stronger, sometimes leading to the first orgasm. Some couples also say they feel like they are on their second honeymoon.

To satisfy all these impulses, it is necessary to be aware of a more and more prominent belly and sometimes more sensitive breasts.

Position 1: The Spoon

This is probably the most suitable position for pregnancy.

It is very comfortable and gentle for both of you because you are on the same side and your partner is behind you, and you can continue to practice it for the rest of the pregnancy.

If this prevents you from touching your partner, it lets you the free field to stimulate your clitoris.

It is especially appropriate for couples who like to forget the big belly during their lovemaking.

Position 2: Doggy Style

This position has the advantage of not putting pressure on the stomach and is often very aphrodisiacal. However, it’s difficult to maintain in late pregnancy.

Position 3: Andromache

If you don’t feel overly burdened by your belly, you can continue to straddle your partner, sitting or crouching on top of him.

If he enjoys the sight of your breasts boosted by pregnancy, he’ll be thrilled. And you’ll be able to control the depth of penetration more easily since you’ll be the one essentially guiding the action.

Can I still have sex in the third trimester of pregnancy?

Unless your midwife or doctor tells you otherwise, there is nothing to prevent you from continuing sex if both partners are willing.

If not, there are myriad other ways to share privileged moments of intimacy, such as a massage or a bath.

It is important not to disconnect completely, as it may be more difficult to find each other’s way after the baby is born.

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